Dermastir Caviar Day Cream SPF30+

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50 ml


Dermastir day cream is presented in an airless packaging with vacuum flask technology that keeps the active ingredients intact. Intensive nutrient caviar cream with sun protection factor that prevents wrinkles’ formation. Dermastir day cream is good for all types of skin and for all ages. Dermastir has a protective action with ingredients that restore and correct level of hydration.

Dermastir caviar day cream SPF 30+ contains an innovative complex studied and produced by Alta Care Laboratoires composed of caviar, precious phyto-extracts, vitamins, anti-oxidants, amino acids and collagen with a regenerating action; In all seasons protecting the skin from the sun during the day is a priority for Alta Care Laboratoires. Dermastir is formulated using solar protection factors in an airless jar and so the protection from UVA-UVB is guaranteed. Caviar is a luxury nutrient that increases the well being of all the skin at cellular level. Since the caviar is stored in airless conditions the caviar although very prone to oxidation will reach the skin intact.

Apply the cream with light massages on the face (avoid the eye contour) and neck until completely absorbed. Dermastir day cream should be applied time permitting at least twice a day.


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