Wire mesh welding machines SUMAB

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A Swedish company Scandinavian & UK Machines offers a wire mesh welding machine.
Machine is used for production of reinforcement wire mesh. Machine working with pre-cut long and cross wire. Machine is driven by digital servo motor, also machine have feeding unit for adding long wire.
Wire diameter range is from 4 to 10. Long step fixed 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and cross step is adjustable in software from 50 to 300mm. Maximum width of mesh is 2300mm and maximum length is 6000mm.
As per customer request it is possible upgrade with automatic mesh turner. Customized specification on request.
Capacity: mesh size 2300mmX6000mm with step 150mmX150mm and wire diameter 6 is 400 pieces/8h (in ideal condition).
- User friendly interface.
- Easy to use.
- Low investment costs for entry level.
-High quality mesh panel.
Contact us for more information.
Tel. /viber/Whatsapp +46703925753
Skype: solovev.sumab

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