Eay job Peace happiness prosperity 50E/Hr Themassagetube.com

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  • Prix
    50.00 €
  • Pays / Région
    Espagne, Madrid
  • Temps de travail
    Temps partiel
  • Type de contrat

Eay job Peace happiness prosperity 50E/Hr Themassagetube.com

Are you tired of struggling in Paris, people are mean, proud and selfish, you have such a hard time finding a job and you do not know what to do Or you have a job but the boss is so mean and selfish and proud that you hate it and you come home all tired and sad

Maybe this is the solution for you Immagine taking time walking in Paris feeling the good happy breaze going to help people relax and eliminate stress Hypocrates the father of medicine said that massage eliminates all diseases He said that because massage 1 Eliminates toxins 2 Massage helps absorbs butrients thus you are in better health
Masseuse job Paris http://www.themassagetube.com/recrute-fr.php

The job consists in 1 we offer you a mission 2 You find the adress 3 You arrive on time 4 You do one hour massage Most clients are repeats in the rich neighbourhoods of Paris
You are paid 50E per hour For appt cal Fabien at 06-58-05-42-29
Masseuse job Paris http://www.themassagetube.com/recrute-fr.php

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